Taking the next step at Alive in Mexico - 02.21.2007

First and Foremost, the staff of Alive in Mexico would like to apologize for the lack of regularly posted material. What is currently seen on the website can be thought of as essentially the pilot pieces. Our hope is that they will give you, and us, a better idea of what this project is and will be, as well as give our potential viewers the opportunity to offer input as we build this site. As you can see, we recently posted a new piece and hope to soon be updating the website on at least a weekly basis.

The process of getting things running smoothly and quickly has not been an easy one, as it never is, but were working hard to try and get the ball rolling. Coming up we will most likely have episodes on the encuentro in Chiapas and on Zapatista muralists, among others. We will also be making all material on this website fully bilingual as we build it. If you have suggestions, questions, or complaints, please feel free to contact us. At these beginning stages of the project, we really appreciate input from our viewers. In addition, if you would like to help out in any way, either with financial donations, donations of equipment, editing, or help with translations, it would be greatly appreciated, as this project is not possible without it.

As an additional piece of information, and a bit of a side note, my name is Jacob and Im a new member of the Alive in Mexico staff. Ive recently joined on to help with many of the tasks associated with the project. Any questions or concerns for me can be sent to aliveinmexico@gmail.com. As stated, we hope that over the next few weeks this website will be updated on a regular basis, serving its intended purpose of bringing you news that provides an in depth look at daily life and daily struggles throughout Mexico. We appreciate your patience and hope that you check back soon to see the material thats on its way.

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