Alive In Baghdad What Might a Zocalo Look Like?

What Might a Zocalo Look Like? - 11.27.2006

Jonny Goldstein - 12/01/2006 14:35:02

Wow. Thanks for sharing this. It’s like a tourist video, only interspersed with the picturesque Mexican street life, you see scores of troops and armored personel carriers.

marco - 12/01/2006 17:23:26

very well documented.
definitely has the “you are there”
feel to it.

Jan / The Faux Press - 12/06/2006 04:44:58

It would be great to have some background on the teachers’ strike to go along with the images.

moises - 12/08/2006 00:08:05

De entrada ofrezco disculpas por no escribir en tu idioma, hace solo unos dias regrese de Oaxaca, aun indignado, por lo que ahi esta sucediendo con el envio de la fuerza represiva (PFP), y por el estado en que tanto ese cuerpo policiaco como el de la AFI han estado haciendo con nuestro estado (Oaxaca) ,espero , vendran tiempos mejores, se que los ojos del mundo estan puestos en oax. y para muestra basta un boton, tu valioso sitio que de manera grafica tambien narra lo que alla sucede , gracias mil por el interes que muestras por la ciudad y el pueblo de nosotros.

Ron - 12/12/2006 12:02:55

Interesting but not really helpful. To have a grasp of the real situation, you would need to see something from the soldier point of view, several different local groups, and the local government. This is a bit like seeing the crime from the axe murder’s viewpoint. (It wasn’t my fault. They made me do it.) Good journalism is broader than this effort. (Of course, U.S. journalism has the same difficulties.)

Nico - 02/13/2007 03:57:42

This video is out of control. I visited Oaxaca this summer during the election and it was a completely different place. I have a lot of photos of all the people camping out, organizing, and populating the zocolo to its entire capacity. I would love to send you them so that people can see the massive difference between what it is now, or rather in October, and what the zocolo looked like during midsummer ‘06.

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