Alive In Baghdad The Community Police of Indigenous Guerrero

The Community Police of Indigenous Guerrero - 08.11.2007

Cecil - 08/15/2007 20:44:50

I think it’s terrific that townships and communities take control of their security and dealing with social problems. I would love to hear what the prisoners and “reeducated” ex-convicts have to say about the system. I would bet that they learn important social and labor skill.

kh - 08/16/2007 17:17:03

another interesting video - truly, i appreciate the dual language commentary, helps me learn Spanish.

What Your TV is Missing - 04/18/2009 01:57:26

[…] Or in Mexico, right on our border, perhaps if we knew more about the goings-on across Mexico, rather than just on the border, we’d see a potential solution to the police and security crisis there? […]

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