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Taking the next step at Alive in Mexico - 02.21.2007

Paul Chislett - 03/05/2007 23:20:13

Hi. I sat in on a presentation last week about the actions of APPO in Oaxaca, at Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. As well I have done a little bit of reading on “The Other” campaign of the Zapatistas. I’m interested in how we, in Canada, can learn from these grassroots actions. The idea of listening to people where they live and building a social/political movement from there is something we will have to learn here.

I’ll keep in touch with this blog and donate when I can.

Paul Chislett

El Mezcalero - 03/06/2007 11:21:10

How can the present situation in Oaxaca help anyone? The appo has destroyed one of Mexico’s most beautiful cities and made life hell for anyone living there. The stupid chilango that you idiots interviewed can go back to D.F. when ever he wants. Wake up and realize that this is being financed from outside Mexico’s borders. I am a gringo that has lived and worked in Guerrero for 15 years. This new destablizing force in Mexico is only going to create widespread lawlessness and take Mexico back in time. Wouldn’t Hugo Chavez love to see Mexico sink into chaos. Doesn’t anyone understand what the word revolution means. It means everyone runs around settling scores with an AK 47 until the military beats them back into submission. Read about the Mexcian revolution - all that bloodshed and for what - So the PRI could take power for 70 years. Please be carefull and responsible when talking about a Latin American revolution. I have a 4 year degree in Latin American Studies. When I went to moved to Mexico many years ago I had many misconceptions about Mexico. Mexico is a very very complicated place. And the insantiy of Oaxacan politics is not easy to understand. The one thing that really stands out to me here is that the people of Oaxaca are proud of their state and it’s rich cultural history. I have been to every corner of the state of Oaxaca - and nowhere have I found people with cultural identity problems. It is the rich kid from Mexico City in the interview that has a cultural identity problem. Did he think that tearing apart the city was going to help bring Mexico prosperity of any kind. No one wanted to see Oaxaca ripped to shreds and painted head to toe with political propaganda. It makes life a difficult for everyone living in the state. It’s bad for any business - from selling tamales on the street to raising pigs and chickens. Don’t let the complexity of Mexican politics pull the wool over your eyes. Start talking about where the funding for the APPO airplane fleet comes from and you might see where all of this is heading. It’s time to put away your Che Guevarra shirts and realize that that man was a cold blooded killer that loved to shoot people in the back of the head. Revolutionaries are not Rock Bands that are to be followed blindly. There is so much dirty money behind this Oaxaca problem that only a blind journalist wouldn’t be including a passage about it in every article. Latin America has seen more that it’s share of Revolution

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