Alive In Baghdad Arrested in Mexico…

Arrested in Mexico… - 12.05.2006

sisitortuga - 12/27/2006 03:05:29

are you for real
Latin america was always like this, when I travelled Nicaragua and my passport hadd 5 instead of 6 month Honduras Airways was SO DELIGHTED to make me loose one day.
Then in Veracruz with the moustache these guys got me from the bus, and I had to go out of my way to make them understand in 3 seconds because luggage in the bus, that they don’t want to spend the night with me.
mexico is mexico, you have to get the feel of it.
enjoy the peace when you are peace.
they talk like that. Yes I was in Oaxaca, sAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS. Chiapas, to investigate Bruno Traven. Our great german writer from Mexico, his widow a translator is one of the great families. They are good.

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